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Whether you’re new to Bendigo or are part of a family that has been here for generations, Bendigo’s story has a way of capturing everyone’s imagination … the volunteers and staff at Bendigo Tramways, know this all too well.

In the words of our current volunteers...

Semi-Retirement helped Ross Turton realise you can only check the mailbox so many times in one day. Ross had spent 40 years as a truck driver but had driven enough kilometers and wanted a change. It is the enjoyment of working with the other 'blokes' that has Ross working three days a week at the Tramways. "Most of the blokes are all around my age. We are part of a family that get to have a bit of fun."

Before starting volunteer work at Bendigo Tramways, carpenter's assistant Bill Chan had never been on one of our historic trams. A family friend introduced Bill to the busy Tramways workshop, Bill found himself enjoying helping the specialist carpenters restore the vintage trams to their former glory. "Some of the trams come in a little bit rough but they come up good. Everyone's got work to do and we're busy all the time." Nine years after first joining the workshop, Bill says it is the friends he has gained that make the work truly enjoyable.

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