Bendigo Tramways engineer refurbishing tram part

Lost trades bring heritage to life

Many traditional trades are being lost as modern technology takes over, but at Australia's oldest operating Tram Depot here in Bendigo, traditional trades are at the heart of everything we do.

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Tram Driver standing in front of a tram at the Bendigo Tramways Depot

Spend a day exploring Victoria’s cultural hub, Bendigo

Looking for an authentic cultural experience? You can’t beat Bendigo … just ask the judges!

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Volunteer Bendigo Tramways Conductor standing in front of Tram 44 at the Central Deborah Gold Mine

Volunteering at Bendigo Tramways

Before checking out the Volunteer Resource Centre at the Bendigo Library, I didn’t even know that Bendigo Tramways needed volunteers. 

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Bendigo Tramways Driver inside the crochet decorated Yarn Bomb Tram

Bendigo, home of the world’s first yarn bombed tram

A visit to Bendigo Tramways is guaranteed to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. It is here that you will find the world’s first yarn bombed tram.

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