Bendigo Tramways engineer refurbishing tram part

Lost trades bring heritage to life

Many traditional trades are being lost as modern technology takes over, but at Australia's oldest operating Tram Depot here in Bendigo, traditional trades are at the heart of everything we do.

The depot is home to our world renowned Heritage Rail Workshop.

The workshop is supported by a passionate team of paid and volunteer tradesmen with skills in Carpentry, Engineering, Painting and Upholstery.

Their ability to restore and maintain heritage trams is exemplary, our fleet of Vintage Talking Trams are a testament to this. As soon as you step aboard a Vintage Talking Tram you become immersed in the artistry of the vehicle. The carefully crafted seats, stained glass features and intricate details are all indicative of the skilled craftsmen.


Our team has just finished restoring a 101 year old J Class tram which joined our Vintage Talking Tram fleet in December 2017. The funding for this project was sourced through a Crowd Funding Campaign, with over 200 people donating towards the restoration.

Preserving heritage trams extends far beyond the city of Bendigo. Our crew are completely re-building Melbourne's iconic fleet of City Circle Trams, transformed a tram into a Pop-up Bar which toured Australia for Chandon, have just completed a static dining car for a Sydney developer and are refurbishing a Driver's Cabin to be used as a shop-front at the Melbourne Airport.

It's not all trams

Our team recently manufactured new bus seats for the Sydney Bus Museum.

Creating living pieces of history is what our Heritage Rail Workshop specialise in.

This time-lapse video showcases the amount of work that goes into refurbishing Melbourne's iconic City Circle Trams.

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