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8 Things you NEED to know about Bendigo's Park 'n' Ride Tram for White Night

1. Park and Ride

No need to worry about parking your car close to town. Park your car or even leave it at home and catch a tram into the White Night Festival.

2. Trams are on the tracks 6pm - 2am

The trams will be working late to make sure that you can enjoy White Night  with the peace of mind that you know how you are getting to and from the CBD

3. Trams will run every 20 minutes

Catching a tram on the night is super easy with trams arriving at each stop every 20 minutes.

4. There are plenty of places to get on board

The Park 'n' Ride Tram has 3 distinct routes for White Night:

Central Deborah Gold Mine into the CBD
Lake Weeroona into the CBD,

and The Bendigo Joss House Temple into the CBD

5. To town and back again

When you purchase your Park 'n' Ride pass for the night that includes riding the tram into town and back again. One pass allows you to hop on and off anytime that suits you throughout the night.

6. Passes are only $5

That's right, $5 is all it costs for you to take full advantage of the Park 'n' Ride Shuttle Service and ride an iconic Bendigo tram to and from White Night.

7. Kids (5 and Under) are FREE

Little ones (5 years and under) joining you are completely free to ride.

8. You can buy your passes now!

No need to pay on the night if you pre-purchase and show one of our helpful team members on the night your e-ticket

Purchase here:

book now red

More information on Bendigo Tramway's Par 'n' Ride Shuttle Service for White Night can be found HERE.