Park 'n Ride Shuttle Tram Service: White Night, Saturday 3rd September

Accessing White Night is easy with a Park 'n Ride Shuttle Tram ticket!

Avoid road closures and parking woes by catching one of Bendigo's iconic trams from Central Deborah Gold Mine, the Bendigo Joss House Temple, Tysons Reef or Lake Weeroona.

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  • DATES: Saturday 3rd September, 2022
  • TIMES: Shuttle Trams will depart every 20 minutes from 6pm - 2am
  • PLACE (below stops travel to and from the CBD)

    Central Deborah Gold Mine
    The Bendigo Joss House Temple
    Lake Weeroona

  • TICKETS: Tickets are valid all night, allowing you to come and go from the festival as often as you like. 
  • COST: Shuttle Trams cost $5 per person, children under 5 are free of charge.
  • BOOK ONLINE here. Tickets can also be purchased from the Tram Conductor on board.  
    • There will not be any commentary playing on board the Shuttle Trams.
    • Shuttle Trams do not stop at the Bendigo Tramways Depot, please refer to diagram below.

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