Talking Tram App

We have just introduced a brand new app, but because it is a world-first, we need your help to test it!

The app offers flexibility in choosing which commentary you want to listen to, and enables you to listen to the commentary in four different languages.

It also provides useful information about what there is to see and do at each tram stop along the route and showcases fascinating images from our archive collection.

The app is available for free download through the App Store and Google Play Store, just search Talking Tram. 

  • Click here to see how you can use the app to enhance your experience
  • Click here for a guide to downloading the app onto Apple devices
  • Click here for a guide to downloading the app onto Android devices

We recommend downloading the app and commentary of your choice before visiting (using WiFi), so that you are ready to go when you arrive.
Alternatively, arrive early for your tour in order to access our FREE WiFi on the day or borrow an iPod from Central Deborah Gold Mine.

Bendigo Tramways Talking Tram App Homescreen ScreenshotBendigo Tramways Talking Tram App screenshot of the CathedralBendigo Tramways Talking Tram App highlighting the Central Deborah Gold Mine ScreenshotBendigo Tramways Vintage Talking Tram App Map ScreenshotBendigo Tramways Vintage Talking Tram App Content Review Screenshot